Rainy Day Chores

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It’s January but it sure felt like springtime this morning, which meant only one thing; weather was coming. So we woke up early this morning, did all of our errands and running around to make it back in time to do our farm chores before the impending monsoon set in.

First on the list was to empty out our compost pail we keep under the sink into the compost tumbler that we have in the garden area. I love compost. I really, really do. It’s so easy to do and great for the garden. It also makes you feel good knowing that all of that food isn’t going to rot in a landfill or be dumped into the Mississippi. Our compost is looking pretty good these days and I’m really looking forward to expanding our composting practices this year (See: New Years Resolutions).

backyard composting
Mmmmm that’s some good looking compost!

Next on the list was to take care of my girls. I love when I open up the gate and they come stampeding over towards me. The chicken stampede is usually headed by one of our Easter Egger hens, who Dave thinks looks like Steve Buscemi. We got 7 eggs today out of our 11 hens, so I was happy. Dave and I also hung their feeder so that it wouldn’t be sitting on the floor anymore. Hopefully this will prevent them from being so messy. Wait. Who am I kidding.

chicken flock running
The chicken stampede!


The Steve Buscemi chicken... I don't see the resemblance.
The Steve Buscemi chicken… I don’t see the resemblance.

Meanwhile, during the chicken stampede, Dave and Zach were working on organizing the chainsaws. The blades needed to be sharpened and organized along with each bar and chainsaw. The boys have been doing a lot of logging and such lately so the chainsaws needed some TLC and re-organization.

The metal shop. AKA Dave's man cave. As you can see, he's a collector of fine decor, such as street signs.
The metal shop. AKA Dave’s man cave. As you can see, he’s a collector of fine decor, such as street signs.
Cadillac supervising the boys and waiting for the rain.
Cadillac supervising the boys and waiting for the rain.

Then the rain came, the chickens ran inside the warmth of their coop and I ran inside to start my other weekend chore: baking bread. Sigh…. A farmgirl’s work is never done!

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  1. January 13, 2013

    I love chicken stampedes! Those pictures are very cute!

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