Spring Project Updates

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A lot of our projects around the farm are really starting to come together and blossom, literally and figuratively. So we thought we would update you on what’s going on with some of our past projects.

A few months ago we made a flower bed for our good friend Robby. The hyacinths started blooming a little too early and lost the battle with a late frost but our daffodils are coming up beautifully with more flowers to follow.

blooming daffodil
Daffodil blooming in the RCD4 flower bed

I guess we were on a flower kick because after we made Rob’s flower bed, we made tire planters in front of the house. After we made the planters, we planted dahlias and peonies in the tires and crossed our fingers. Tucker also made this cool rock garden around it and tuck pointed everything in nice and tight (first of all…). She also extended the rock path in front of the planters to make a wider walk way in front of the house.

With a little love and TLC, we have two plants starting to come up but I totally forgot which ones they are so… that will be a fun surprise!

The tire planters with rocks and stone path
The tire planters with rocks and stone path
Dahlia? Peony? We will see.
Dahlia? Peony? We will see.

And then up on the porch we have a jungle of plants. For the past two years our porch has been pretty unexciting, we haven’t used it for anything other than shooting guns off of it. But now we have 8 tomato plants in containers, 3 pepper plants and a whole row of herbs! We’re growing parsley, sweet basil, lemon basil, lemon balm, dill, chives, oregano and cilantro in window boxes hanging off the porch.  I really shouldn’t have a reason not to cook and enjoy the porch this summer.

planting tomatoes and peppers in containers
Container tomatoes and peppers
Freshly transplanted herbs off the porch railing
Freshly transplanted herbs off the porch railing

But mainly, we’ve been taking some time to enjoy springtime at the farm… some of us more than others:

"Sometimes you have to top and smell the hay." -Cadillac
“Sometimes you have to top and smell the hay.” -Cadillac


Stay tuned for updates for more projects… chicken coops, concrete pour and the garden!

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  1. May 14, 2013

    I love the tomatoes and peppers in 5 gallon buckets on the porch. I am out of room in the garden and that looks like a very good idea! Thanks!

  2. May 14, 2013

    Thank you! We’re going to see how this goes this year and if they produce well, we’ll be selling these ready-to-go tomatoes and peppers next year at farmer’s markets. It’s a great solution for those that aren’t able to put in a garden or just ran out of space! Plus, it looks so great from the kitchen window.

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