Seed Catalog Season: How to Choose Vegetable Seeds

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Snow, cozy fireplaces, holiday decorations, bringing your favorite flask with you to company parties and family gatherings. Yeah, all that stuff is great and all but when I’m talking about the most wonderful time of the year, I mean that it’s freakin’ seed catalog season, son! Yes, it’s December and we’re already talking about summer gardening. Like the holidays, seed catalog season can be very stressful and overwhelming! What’s the best seed catalog to order from? What do you do when you have five or six seed catalogs stuffed into your mailbox all at once? There’s hundreds of varieties of tomatoes out there, how do you decide which variety to grow? Here’s some of our tips to help you decide on seed catalogs and seed varieties.

Sweet Yeast Sandwich Bread

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Alright guys, so a few months back I told you that I had found the best homemade white sandwich bread recipe. But I lied. THIS is the best white sandwich bread recipe. It’s the new favorite in our house. It’s a bit sweeter than the previous recipe that I had posted, but I think it’s also more moist and fluffy than the first one too. The sweet smell of fermentation and yeast fills the house on chilly December days. I could probably make this bread all day every day and eat every last bite… and gain 300 pounds. Then eat my way out of the house and go to the grocery store to get more yeast to make more of this bread. It’s that good, folks. But for real, this is sweeter than your average white sandwich bread. But it’s the holidays, so who the hell cares?