2014 Such and Such Farm Resolutions

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Oh man, what a year it’s been for Such and Such Farm! It’s been a year of firsts for us; our first full size garden, our first sales, our first restaurant clients, our first broody momma and baby chicks, our first goats and more! We’ve been extremely blessed this year and extremely busy! We want to say thank you for everyone that has followed us along the way. We have a lot of be thankful for and a lot to look forward to this coming year. As we look back on our first year, we can’t believe how far we’ve come and remember why we started farming in the first place. To live sustainably and self sufficient, to grow amazing food, raise happy animals and to ultimately live a happy and fulfilled life.
We’ve grown so much as individuals and as a business in the last 12 months and are so excited for the year ahead. We’re also so fortunate to have a wonderful group of people around us. We met some amazing people this year and are so proud of what we can all accomplish together. Chopping Block Farm is right down the road from us and not only have they become some of our best buddies, but they’re also killing it (haha) in the pasture-raised poultry game! And of course our chefs and restaurants; Juniper has only been open for three months and was named one of St. Louis Magazine’s best new restaurants of 2013! And the Libertine had one hell of a year as well! RFT’s Best New Restaurant of 2013, one of St. Louis Magazine’s top 13 dishes of the year (crispy pig tails), and one of RFT’s favorite dishes of the year (three little birds). We really couldn’t be more proud of our homies! This is why we do this. Amazing food and even better friends.
Here’s a look back at our resolutions from last year, followed by a new list of resolutions for 2014!
2013 Resolutions:
  • Get the greenhouse up and running in time to plant starts for our garden.
  • Plant a full vegetable garden (7,500 sq ft with 18 types of vegetables, 35 varieties). Also with this goal is to increase the efficiency of the garden. Not wasting space and utilize succession planting. Additionally… I’d like to see us grow a ton of food. Literally. 2,000 lbs. of food.(Actually we grew more than 2,500 lbs of food this year!)
  • Re-plant our berry patch or perennial raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. (Didn’t quite get to it this year, but we did prep the perennial garden with soil amendments and cover crops!)
  • Sell at a farmer’s market.
  • Increase our poultry flock to at least 30 chickens (Done and done. Next year I’d like to start raising ducks!)
  • Incubate and hatch our own eggs. Actually we had two broody mommas hatch out eggs for us! 
  • Entertain the idea of getting goats. We did and got Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli! 
  • Plant more grasses, plants and greens in the chicken yard to provide more useful landscape for them (more shade, more to forage, better predator control).
  • Can and preserve as much food as humanly possible.
  • Re-do the bathroom in the house.
  • Set up our wood shop and pull barn next to the wood boiler.
  • Set up our bigger composting system.
  • Learn to make soap.
  • Grow and dry herbs on the back porch.
  • Have more large, family style dinners and get togethers for family and friends. Preferably outside, eating fresh food from the garden while we’re all sitting at a 30′ long picnic table in the middle of the garden a la Martha Stewart.


2014 Resolutions:

  • Increase the garden by three times the size it was last year! Step up our game by offering better and more unique varieties.
  • Sell to more restaurants!
  • Finish the hydroponic system for our wheatgrass production.
  • Finish the goat barn, get a few more goats and get Judy and Liza bred!
  • Increase our chicken flock and get some ducks or turkey.
  • Build the infrastructure for pigs and get our hogs!
  • Make a better composting system.
  • Develop our perennial/berry patch.
  • Re-seed the chicken coops and make a better permaculture system for the chickens.
  • Get married!!!
  • Increase our self-sufficiency by means of solar power, turbines or something else smart.
  • Be better at taking pictures and blogging.

The list could go on and on… and it does in my Such and Such ideas book/dream journal/grocery lists/list of words I can’t spell/wedding ideas/Lord of the Rings alternative ending ideas.


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