We are an 88 acre homestead in Missouri that believes the way that food is grown and mass produced in America is well… bullshit. And because of that, we try not to participate in it as much as possible and encourage others to do the same. We hope to make local foods easy to find, affordable to purchase and absolutely delicious. We are also big believers in the  farm-to-table movement. Our goal is to become a personal farm for local St. Louis chefs, restaurateurs and bartenders as well as the modern family. We love to work one-on-one with chefs to grow specific products for their individual needs and culinary dreams. By growing the best, most delicious vegetables that we can, our customers can create the most desirable and memorable dishes possible. From the five star kitchen to the home chef and from our farm to your face.


In 2011 we bought the farm with the intention to start homesteading. At this time, we had never even grown a houseplant before and didn’t know what to do or where to start. By 2013, we made the big jump and began farming full time. We had a large garden, twenty chickens, two goats and one big dream. Every day we make small strides to make that big dream possible. The longer that we farm, the bigger that dream becomes. We learn by trial and error, by mistakes, by research and by a community of fellow farmers, friends, chefs and many mentors. But more than anything, we are driven by a passion of learning, creating opportunity for others and perfecting and developing our craft.

  • Dave

    Dave grew up in St. Louis then went to study Industrial Design at Pratt in Brooklyn, NY. There, he harnessed his welding skills and constructed up-cycled furniture from scrap metal and 55 gallon drums. After he left Brooklyn, he moved back to St. Louis where he became part of the crew that builds the City Museum, the Cassilly Crew.

  • Autumn

    Autumn grew up in Collinsville, IL then moved to Indianapolis and studied Arts Administration at Butler University. At Butler, she studied theater, design and non-profit organizations. After living and working in Indianapolis for a while, she decided to move to downtown St. Louis. That’s when she met Dave, they started dating and later rescued their awesome dog, Cadillac.

  • Cadillac

    Cadillac was found wandering around the remains of a 52 acre cement factory on the north side of St. Louis (Cementland, a project that the late great Bob Cassilly and the Cassilly Crew were building). He was just a little 4 month old fluffball that found his way into our home and hearts. Cadillac serves as Such and Such Farm’s project manager, when he’s not napping.