Sweet Yeast Sandwich Bread

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Alright guys, so a few months back I told you that I had found the best homemade white sandwich bread recipe. But I lied. THIS is the best white sandwich bread recipe. It’s the new favorite in our house. It’s a bit sweeter than the previous recipe that I had posted, but I think it’s also more moist and fluffy than the first one too. The sweet smell of fermentation and yeast fills the house on chilly December days. I could probably make this bread all day every day and eat every last bite… and gain 300 pounds. Then eat my way out of the house and go to the grocery store to get more yeast to make more of this bread. It’s that good, folks. But for real, this is sweeter than your average white sandwich bread. But it’s the holidays, so who the hell cares?

Straight up white bread: My favorite homemade white sandwich bread recipe

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Baking bread has quickly become one of my weekend rituals. Wake up, make coffee, check on the chickens, feed the dog and start making bread. I love it because I love to cook/bake, and baking my own bread means one less thing to buy at the grocery store. It’s cheaper and tastes better too. It also fills up the house with amazing, wondrous aromas and makes me feel like a real empowered female homesteader that’s going to meet the day and kick some ass. But I hate it because baking is a science and I didn’t do too well in science class. And also because as soon as I take it out of the oven, I have a 170 lb vulture named Dave who swoops down and eats most of the bread before the weekend is over and I have to make a second batch.