Put on your Sunday best, girls!

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Over the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed that some of my girls have become the “favorite” of the flock if you know what I mean. The roosters have been a little too aggressive with them and certainly aren’t taking them out to dinner first. My first plan of attack was to get rid of a few roosters (we have way too many) but that has taken longer than expected. Buying/selling chickens in the winter months is really tough! So my second plan of attack was to prevent the roosters from pulling out any more saddle feathers on the girls and there’s only one way to do this… with a chicken saddle.

Funny as it may sound, it really helps. At least I hope it does. And before you laugh at me dressing up my chickens, hear me out! The chicken saddle (or apron as it’s sometimes is called) is a piece of fabric with two elastic loops. The loops go around the chicken’s wings and the fabric covers her back, therefore protecting her feathers and allowing her to grow new ones underneath. Why do I need to dress up my chickens, you ask? Well, if I don’t do anything about this and they keep getting their back feathers torn out, they’re more susceptible to getting sick, the rooster may eventually break the skin causing them to bleed and this could trigger an instinct in the rest of the flock to start pecking our poor girls to death. And that would be bad.

I had three that I knew needed a saddle so I looked online at Louise’s Country Closet and ordered my saddles (only $3.50 each and free shipping!). This was all new to me so I guessed their size when I was ordering them. Is my wyandotte regular size or plus size? Size 6? Size 14? Who knows. I just had to guess. And I guessed pretty good… except my poor little orpington. She’s so petite! So I’ll have to order a size smaller for her and wrangle her up again when the new size gets in.

It took them a little while to get used to them… but I feel better knowing that they’re a little more well protected. My only regret is that I didn’t get a blue or yellow bandana for myself to match them. So here’s my girls in their Sunday best!

chicken saddle nf wyandotte
Here’s our wyandotte showing off her new saddle. She’s very proud of it!
buff orpington with chicken apron on.
This little girl was a little embarrassed and went and hid in the coop for a while.
Buff orpington wearing a protective chicken saddle
She got right back to business in the nesting box and laid us an egg! Guess that means that she doesn’t mind it!

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  1. January 24, 2013

    Love it! They are very pretty girls. What a great idea!

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