Oh my… where have we been?

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So we’ve been really quiet on the blogosphere lately… shame on us! See, what had happened was that we got hella busy you know… farming. But that’s no excuse! But we’re going to make it up to you, I promise. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve been up to and where we’ve been lately:

In the Garden:

  • Our summer garden is kicking some ass! Although we did have a bit of a scare with our tomatoes back in August. Due to the hot and wet summer we had, they developed a nasty leaf fungus that was eating away at all of our tomatoes. However, we were able to catch it early and treat the plants and now they’ve recovered fully and are still producing like crazy!
  • We’ve been planting our fall garden steadily and so far it’s looking great! We have beets, cauiflower, baby bok choy, dwarf grey snap peas, mustards, kale, collards and more coming up. Because of this hot and dry late summer we’ve been having, it’s been pretty tough to get the fall garden going but with a lot of love (and water), it seems that we’re finally getting there.
    Snow Pea Row... that's going to be a lot of snow peas.
    Snow Pea Row… that’s going to be a lot of snow peas.
    Baby Bok Choy is taking over the world
    Baby Bok Choy is taking over the world

    Radishes and Cauiflower have become best friends.
    Radishes and Cauiflower have become best friends.
  • After a lot of our summer crops were done, we borrowed our neighbors walk behind tiller and tilled in the rows. All of that great organic material got tilled into the soil and prepped for our winter cover crop. Now we can focus on production of the fall garden and look forward to starting some plants in the greenhouse.

In The Coop:

  • We have chickens in all three coops now! And because we’re wanting to section off each flock for breeding purposes, Dave and Nemo put up extra tall fencing around the coops so no one will fly in or out of the coops and fertilize hens that don’t need to be fertilized if you know what I mean. No more sneaking off and getting their jollies in some other flock. No sir… not anymore.
    Our marans are getting so big! Our little blue copper roo is even trying to crow!
    Our marans are getting so big! Our little blue copper roo is even trying to crow!

    New Friends!:

  • A few weeks ago we met some wonderful new friends through a mutual friend of ours. Turns out that there are other young farmers in DeSoto and they’re right down the road! Farmer Connie and Farmer Eric from Chopping Block Farm are some really wonderful people doing some amazing things. AND! They’re really fun to hang out with. They specialize in pasture raised chicken, quail and have some of the sweetest dairy cows I’ve ever met. We’re so happy that we met them and can’t wait to work with them to put DeSoto on the map!
    Here's Chopping Block Farms' Jersey baby... I love her.
    Here’s Chopping Block Farms’ Jersey baby… I love her.

    Farmer Connie and her pasture raised chickens!
    Farmer Connie and her pasture raised chickens!
  • We also have some new restaurant friends! We’re proud to say that our produce is now at Dressel’s Pub, Niche, and Entre! We really are so blessed to have such amazing clients in our first year, it’s such a joy to be working with all of our chefs. We’re really proud of the work that they do and what they create, we already can’t wait for next season! To see where else you can find our produce, visit our “Where You Can Find Us” page.
    Chef Josh and Chef Kevin serving up our pumpkin and bok choy at Slow Food STL's "Art of Food" event. Check out those sweet shirts they're wearing!
    Chef Josh and Chef Kevin serving up our pumpkin and bok choy at Slow Food STL’s “Art of Food” event. Check out those sweet shirts they’re wearing!

    In The Kitchen:

  • I’ve been trying to can as much as possible this season, but it seems that we keep selling out to our chefs each week! However, there were a few weeks that we had an overabundance of tomatoes so I was able to try out a few recipes; roasted tomato pasta sauce, tomato jam and “fake and bake” sundried tomatoes. One of these days I’ll post recipes I promise!
    Fake and Bake Sundried Tomatoes
    Fake and Bake Sundried Tomatoes

    Roasted Tomato Pasta Sauce
    Roasted Tomato Pasta Sauce
  • Other than that, I’ve been a bad farmgirl, I haven’t made an actual dinner in the longest time. But who wants to be in the kitchen when it’s 98 degrees and 30lbs of tomatoes that need to be harvested. No one. That’s who. Hopefully now that the garden is slowing down I’ll have more time to make some dinners again.

Other Stuff Around The Farm:

  • We’ve been dreaming up and planning our next endeavors here at Such and Such Farm. We’ve expanded the garden, we’ve started our three chicken flocks and now we’re going big.. like, 200+ lbs big. We’re excited to say that Such and Such Farm is going to get into pasture raised heritage hogs! We’ve been talking with Carl from Rustik Rooster Farm in Iowa and next week, Dave and Forrest are going up there to hang out on the farm for a week and learn about raising hogs! Exciting… but I still want my goats, dammit!
  • Nemo finished the new wood shop! Siding is done, windows and fan installed, doors are in, shelves are built and tools are in their place! That guy is really good at what he does and we’re really excited that we now have a separate wood shop and metal shop. Legit.
  • And one of the most exciting announcements is that Dave and I are engaged! He popped the question on our four year anniversary, after our dinner at The Libertine.  They were our very first restaurant client that really launched it all for us and have become very good friends with the chefs. We had a wonderful 6 course tasting menu and by the time that dessert rolled around, we were the only ones in the restaurant. He got down on BOTH knees and proposed… it was truly a wonderful, wonderful night. And yes, we’re having the wedding at the farm next year!
He put a ring on it!
He put a ring on it!

I promise that it won’t be this long until you hear from us again! In the meantime, visit us on our Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with all the happs!

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  1. September 25, 2013

    The summers go by so fast on the farm! Hope you are able to share those recipes soon!

  2. September 26, 2013

    I was wondering where y’all went! You made up for the lost time though. Holy smokes, what a summer! So excited you have your chickens back, restaurants eating all your produce, and a man with a ring. Congratulations! Oh yeah, and I have been a bad farmgirl too. We really need to stop eating out now. Glad you guys are back!

  3. September 26, 2013

    Congratulations you two. Still admire what you are accomplishing without hormones and GMO’s. With the operation of yours and others maybe we can get back to eating healthy. Let me know if you have any chicks for sale. My Niece Paige and her husband have a few chickens and might want to increase their flock. Still plan on visiting some time if that’s OK. Happy farming and keep up the good work!

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