What to expect when you’re (not) expecting goats

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Ever since we got the farm, I’ve dreamt of the day that I can hold a baby goat in my lap and bottle feed it in the kitchen. I’ve spent hours and hours watching baby goat videos on YouTube, read every book and blog that I could. And I’ve even bought tiny goat pajamas to have “just in case.” I’ve been nesting in preparation for baby goats. We were planning on getting some in February, around the time that the new goat barn will be done. But one night, I was in the kitchen and Dave had just gotten home. I heard the front door open and in walk two three-day old baby goats! They looked around and bleated as if to say, “Hey, nice digs! Are you our momma? That’s cool. Now feed me!” So there they were. Baby goats. In the house. My dream had come true. But I wasn’t prepared… what do we do with these babies?! Where do they sleep? How often do they need to eat? Let this blog be a guide for you on what to expect when you’re (not) expecting goats and all about my adventures in bottle raising goat kids in our house.


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Where are they going to sleep?

So where are these little angels going to sleep? Our goat barn isn’t quite finished yet and it’s too cold to put them in the pen with Judy and Liza. So we made up a nice cozy space for them in our bathroom. Which they’ve completely taken over. It belongs to them now. We just get to borrow it when we have to shower or get in the medicine cabinet. It’s warm and draft free but has good air circulation so it’s perfect for a temporary set up for them. We put a layer of towels and puppy pads down for them. And let me tell you, they really make use out of those towels.. they pee constantly. Always peeing.


Feeding time is the best time. 

Although they’re tiny, they drink A LOT. About 6-8 times a day.. every 4 hours or so. Even through the night. But as soon as word got out that we have two babies, we didn’t have any problems with people coming down and volunteering to help feed them and play with them! I ask friends if they want to help feed them but I must preface that question that in doing so, it may make your heart melt and turn to goo and you will start baby talking in a high pitched voice. So be prepared. Bottle time is probably my most favorite times of the day, and what a coincidence, It’s their favorite too! Watching them wiggle around and get “milk drunk” is probably the cutest thing in the world. It doesn’t get old, even at 2:00 am, it’s one of my most favorite things. They’ve come to accept us as “mom.” As soon as they see two legs they immediately look up and try to find an udder.

Throughout the day we alternate their bottles with warm whole milk and warm water so they get plenty of fluids and reduce the risk of scours. At first we had to really work with the brown one to get it to accept the bottle but now she’s a pro just like her friend, the black one. She’s a champ. She gets in the zone, wags her tail, wiggles all around and paws her front leg at the bottle. Of course, thirty minutes after feeding time they start to cry like they’re starving and haven’t been fed in days but they’re just attention hogs.


Play time is the most hilarious time! 

A few times a day, we put Cadillac outside for play time and let the goats run around the house. Ok, so maybe THIS is my most favorite part of the day! The girls just follow me all around the house. Sometimes they get “lost” in the living room or kitchen but as soon as you call them or peek around the corner they’ll come running. Our little black doe likes to jump and climb on EVERYTHING like she’s the next Mary Lou Retton. Our little brown girl just wants to be held.. and that’s about it. She’s starting to get a little more adventurous and figuring out her “sea legs.”

Today because it was so beautiful outside, we put them in the big girl pen and let them be “real” goats for a little while. They’re not quite as confident as they are inside but it was fun to watch them walk around in the straw and start to nibble on hay. It’ll be so wonderful to watch them grow up and develop into beautiful does. But nothing beats having house goats, if even for a little bit. We’ll start to introduce them to outside temperatures a little bit at a time, slowly working towards full days and full nights outside. But I’m sure I’ll still let them in the house every once in a while… when Dave’s not around.

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What are their names?!

I’m glad you asked! Last week we put out a call on facebook for name suggestions to fit in with our Old Hollywood herd theme. We had some great suggestions so we narrowed it down to some of our favorites and had our facebook followers vote on their favorites. Thank you again to everyone that participated!! We hope to offer more of these fun contests and polls in the future. But without further ado, we’re proud to announce the official names of these two baby girls and the winner of a Such and Such Farm shirt!

Introducting Lucille Ball, aka Lucy Ricardo aka Luuuccyyyy, I'm hoooome!
Introducting Lucille Ball, aka Lucy Ricardo aka Luuuccyyyy, I’m hoooome!
And Ms. Greta Garbo!
And Ms. Greta Garbo! aka Ethel Mertz aka I can’t decide between these two names. 

And our winner… Lorelei H.!! Please contact us on facebook or at suchandsuchfarm@gmail.com so we can get your info and get your shirt in the mail!


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  1. January 21, 2014

    Yay! Good names!

  2. January 21, 2014

    Oh my gosh, this is too cute. I’m with you on watching baby goat videos on youtube for hours on end. I can’t imagine anything better than a couple of goat kids in the house! So jealous!

  3. January 21, 2014

    I just couldn’t be happier for your family! There is something so wonderful about bottle babies…I’m secretly hoping we get more this year.

    And your photos are GORGEOUS! I love your couch 😉

    Even though I voted for Elizabeth Taylor (was I the only one?!) I’m holding out hope she’ll show up on the farm in the future 🙂

    Also, here’s a link to the goat coats we got…the kid coats are really reasonably priced ($4.50!) and shipped out immediately for us. Just in case you need it:


    But I’m holding out for goats in pajamas!!

  4. Jackie Gallagher
    February 10, 2014

    Oh my gosh! Mike told me about them!!! I want them!!!! I want to hold them!!! Super cute!!!

  5. Tracy S.
    February 15, 2014

    Thank you so much for the great advice on raising goats. I think I’ve read every book and article I can as well, and the goat pen is almost complete, Unfortunately goats have been postponed for awhile due to my surgery next week, but one day I will be reading this article again and trying to remember everything I’ve learned!

  6. February 28, 2014

    […] our girls, Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli. And a few weeks ago we introduced you to our new babies, Lucille Ball and Greta Garbo. Since Judy and Liza’s arrival, we’ve been busily working on their permanent goat barn […]

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