Such and Such LIVE: Episode 01

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Welcome to the recap for our first live facebook broadcast! Something that will be henceforth be known as Such and Such LIVE! Episode… whatever. Or at least until we come up with a better name. After each episode we’ll do a show note/recap on our blog so you can get more information! Without further ado, here’s what you missed:

  • In order to connect with YOU, we will begin a weekly live facebook broadcast! This way we can connect one on one with you directly through the power of facebook. We’ll be able to talk about what’s going on at the farm, how-to’s, walking tours, new projects, or just a live chat! This is really all about you guys so please let us know what you would like us to cover or talk about. While you’re tuning into the broadcast, you can comment and we can reply back instantly. It’s pretty cool.
  • Also, what day or the week or times work best for a broadcast? Would you like a weekday evening or a weekend time? Maybe we can do a Sunday brunch time broadcast! We want to hear from you when you want to hear from us and what you want to hear from us!
  • Our main topic for today was a walking tour of the goat barn and a contest announcement!
  • In the broadcast, I mentioned two blog posts about the construction of our goat barn. You can find them here:


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