Goat Yoga 2: The Recap

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As you may have noticed, goat yoga is actually a “thing” now. And it’s an awesome thing. It’s not a thing like fidget spinners sold at the gas station or disgusting unicorn frappucinos are a “thing”. Goat yoga has been bringing experienced yogis out to new locations and it has given those brand new to yoga a fun opportunity¬†to try it. Last fall, we got together with LotusEater Collective to bring goat yoga to the St. Louis area. And this June we came back bigger, more better, more goatier with Goat Yoga 2: The Sequel.

When we tell people that we’re doing goat yoga they usually respond with “Huh? The goats do yoga? What the…?” Not quite. Basically, we open up our larger goat pasture and you¬†come in, throw down your mat and practice yoga let by a LotusEater Collective instructor while the goats freely roam around you while you practice (or get pleasantly distracted by them while you practice). On the surface, that’s all it is. Doing yoga in a goat pasture. But really, there’s so much more. Goat yoga allows us to open up our farm to new friends, it allows people to experience new things and creates an opportunity for people to practice yoga (sometimes for the very first time!) out in nature. And let’s face it, it gives the goats an excuse to show off. Lucy doesn’t really need an excuse, though.

Oh Lucy!! Everyone’s favorite ham. Stay tuned for her “GoatPro” video.

Besides the actual yoga classes, we had some other fun things in store for our goat-gi’s (goat yogis)! First, we had some fantastic vendors that offered everything from vegan chia pudding to homemade all natural skincare products. We also had two beer sponsors! Urban Chestnut provided beer and our R2-D2 cooler turned out to be the perfect refreshment droid. And Rockwell Beer Company made a special brew just for us called Oats McGoats! It was a huge hit and it felt like a true honor to have our own goat yoga beer! In between our two yoga sessions, Guerilla Street Food set up delicious chicken skewers, cold tomato salad and a delicious creamy chicken and rice number.

And the surprise hit of goat yoga was our fun raffle! We have a toy capsule machine that we filled with goat grain for our goat-gi’s to feed to the goats/bribe them for attention. But we also had prizes like a Such and Such T-Shirt, free yoga classes, a Such and Such CSA box, yoga shirts, etc.

Basically, it’s a really fun, relaxed day hanging out at the farm with friends or meeting new friends, feeding goats, doing some yoga (any and all levels are always welcome!), eating some yummy food paired with the perfect beer. It’s one of my most favorite days at the farm every year and we’re already planning Goat Yoga 3 this fall!

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  1. Judy Schemer
    March 12, 2018

    Hi, I’m wondering if you will be offering any goat yoga classes at Such and Such this spring/summer? I’d love to bring our family for our daughter’s 30th birthday in late May. We’re all dying to take a goat yoga class!!

    Thanks, Judy

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