We raise a breed of pig called the Iowa Swabian Hall. It’s an amazing breed that dates back to King Wilhelm of Germany in the 1800’s. He felt like the pork readily available was too lean and dry (much like today’s commercial pork). To add succulence and marbling to pork, he bred a Russian Wild Boar to a Chinese Meishon (which are so fatty that they were used for lamp oil). When he bred them together in the Swabian area of Germany, the Swabian Hall was created and went on to win many World’s Fairs. We are one of a handful of farms in the country that raise true, Iowa Swabian Hall hogs.

Swabian Hall Sows on Pasture

This rare pig is interesting to raise, they’re smart, resourceful, personable and wonderful mothers. We have ten sows (with names like Amy Swinehouse, Piggy Azalea, Hamjelina Jolie, etc) and an awesome boar.  They are raised on our pasture that consists of open meadows and forest. We feed them a combination of organic hog feed and spent grain from Urban Chestnut Brewing Company in St. Louis. And most months out of the year, they get excess produce from our garden and local produce stands as well as excess milk from our goats and eggs from our chickens. Sometimes they eat better than we do!

Because of their varied diet and genetics, our pork is a beautiful, marbled and sweet red meat. Even the fat is sweet and tender. It’s been compared to prime rib, or like the entire pig is made of bacon. It’s the Kobe beef of pork! Either way, it’s really good. Previously, you could only find our pork in St. Louis restaurants and butcher shops. Until now….

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We’re excited to now offer our Iowa Swabian Hall pork for private sales!


How Can I Order?

It’s easy! Fill out our handy dandy form below or just give us a shout at suchandsuchfarm@gmail.com.


How Does It Work?

Once you fill out our order form, we will help you figure out how you would like your pig delivered. You have the option of either 1) Keeping your pig whole (or halved) and having your favorite neighborhood butcher shop custom cut it for you or 2) Have our processor/butcher custom cut it for you. We’ll then pick up your hog and have it ready for you for a pick-up or delivery! We work with a USDA and FDA certified processor and butcher shop so you can be 100% sure that your custom raised pork is in great hands from start to finish!

We require at least 2 weeks notice so we can schedule with our processor. And this also gives you time to clear our your freezer or fridge and get a bunch of recipes ready! A month’s heads up is even better!

How Much Will This Cost?

Our prices are based on hanging weight, which is the weight of a processed and gutted hog. Whole hogs are $3.50/lb hanging weight. When you fill out your order form, a deposit of $50 is required. This reserves your hog and pays for processing/travel fee.

How Much Pork Will This Be?

Our pigs are ready for harvest at all different sizes. A whole hog that is about 100 lb hanging weight is perfect for roasting or BBQs. We can also harvest our hogs in three different sizes:

100 lbs -150 lbs hanging weight (Unavailable at this time)

150lbs -200lbs hanging weight

200+ lbs. hanging weight

When you fill out your order form, indicate what range you would like. Then on harvest day, we will notify you on the exact poundage of your pig so you know how much is left on your invoice.

Can I order individual cuts?

We do have individual retail cuts available via our online store and at seasonal farmers markets. We’re unable to ship retail cuts ordered through our online store, so all pork products must be picked up at the farm or purchased at a farmers market.

Bottom Line

When you are ready to enjoy the most delicious, sustainably raised heritage pork of your life, fill out the form, e-mail us/mail it in along with a deposit payment of $50. If you chose a whole, large size pig that you would like butchered for you (meaning you pick it up in white paper bundles), we’ll contact you to talk you through the different cuts and options you have. If you want your pig un-butchered, please let us know that as well. We will then take your hog to the processor on the date previously discussed. And your invoice will be as such:

Large Whole Hog Deposit: $50

Hanging Weight of Whole Hog: 175 lbs @ $3.50

Custom Butchering: N/A (OR to be paid to processor/butcher directly)

Total cost to Such and Such Farm: $612.50

(Custom Butchering is an extra fee)

Once your pig is ready, we will set up a delivery or pick-up date and your balance will be due at that time. You can make payments via paypal, venmo, cash, check or credit card.

Any inquiries can be sent to us at suchandsuchfarm@gmail.com



Homemade Swabian bacon!