Swabian Hall Piglets

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What is better than baby pigs? Nothing. That’s what! After our sows have given birth, the mommas and babies stay in their farrowing huts to catch up on some much needed sleep and bonding time. Once the babies are strong enough (at about 4 days old), they’re free to “walk about the cabin” as it were and start socializing with the rest of the herd in the pasture. Even at one day old, they already have so much personality and energy! As soon as they’re able to start eating solid food, we give them a healthy diet of recycled produce (their … Continued

Iowa Swabian Hall Mommas

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Watching the sows interact with each other is amazing. Once all of the mommas and babies are out in the official farrowing pasture, they hang out together all day. They’ll babysit each other’s babies if one of them needs a break, they’ll nap at the same time and lay down to nurse at the same time. The moms even team up in the farrowing huts and lay belly to belly with the babies nestled in between them to keep all of  the baby pigs warm on cold nights. It takes a village, people.

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